Wednesday, 1 April 2015

{Label Love} Handbag Designer Sara Sboul

Sometimes your just wandering, not looking for anything in particular, just swinging past the same things repeated over and over, presented as if new and just as your about to close up and stop, the thing you've been wandering for jumps out from behind the trees of repetition beaming with happiness. 
The playful faces, the use of delectable colours and soft fabrics are like sweet candy to my eyes. Suddenly I'm reminded of childhood, abandoned creativity, imagination and fun. I'm in love!
Created by Sara Sboul, a very cool British handbag designer. These pieces make statements, bright bold statements, I want to run my fingers over the fabrics and carry them with me everywhere. All of you know how obsessed I am with handbags and originality, so it would come at no surprise as to how besotted I am with these amazing designs. I get excited and fall madly in love with fashion, design and creativity all over again when I see something like this that stands out in a crowd of sameness.
Below are some of my favourites from her S/S15 & A/W14 lines. There are lots more to view on her website and you can purchase from there too. I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!!

Loves & Loves

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