Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Dainty Flower Child...

Good day my sweethearts, I hope the week has started well for you so far!?! I had internet problems here all weekend due to the weather, so I was unable to get anything posted yesterday, so I'm pretending it's Monday :) This is my outfit for 'Share in Style', the theme was white. I confess I don't wear a lot of white, but I managed to pull something together *wink* 
I'm obessed with flower crowns at the moment and this one is a favourite, so no doubt you'll see it again and others too. I hope you dolls have a great day & I'll be around to see your blogs shortly!!

Loves & loves

{Dainty Boudoir: Dress - Lashes of London ; Flower Crown - Rouge Pony ; Jacket  - New Look (old) ; Shoes - TKMaxx (old) ; Flower Stockings - Vintage Mary Quant}

Friday, 18 July 2014

My Sweet Lady Petrova....

Lady Petrova, how I love thee!! If I could open up my brain, I have no doubt Lady Petrova would come fluttering out! Ever since I laid my dainty eyes on their magical site, I have spent many moments 'ooohing & ahhhhing' over various items, daydreaming of wearing these beauties whilst riding my majestic unicorn over the rainbow while the wind blows through my hair - it could happen! It's like glitter mixed with cotton candy, stardust & dreams, space babes with doll faces...am so in love!! While these are quirky and different, they at the same time have a sweet ladylike essence to them, just a very new and out of this world lady likeness. 
Created by the ever beautiful Petrova Hammond in 2007, it was no wonder that she ventured into the world of fashion, with being the daughter of a fashion designer and head seamstress. From experimenting with home shoots of her barbies to graduating from RMIT in 2003. She's come a long way & I feel will continue to soar above the clouds because these are clothes that make people dream, feel happy and stand out with beauty. 
I'm also a big fan of her belief in empowering women and supporting those female creatives. Everything designed and created has all been done by women! 
Lady Petrova provides an escape for your inner girly girl to dream in crystals, lace and tulle touched with dashes of sweet colours, it's like bringing the clouds down to the ground, making an ordinary day into something extraordinary. Each garment is designed & made with love in Melbourne & also very exclusive with only 10-12 being produced of each style. Which makes it even better as I love the unique and rare.
Below I've included some of my favourites, but checking out the website is a must, there is so much more to see, it's a really gorgeous site & if you happen to be lucky enough to live in Melbourne, be sure to pop in the shop and say hello :)

Have a wonderful weekend dollfaces,

Lady Petrova: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Shipping Info - they ship worldwide

Dainty Doll Favourites

{all photos are copyrighted to Lady Petrova. Used for display purposes only}