Friday, 31 October 2014

Double, double toil and trouble!

Happy Halloween my boils and ghouls!! I hope you have a wonderful and safe time whatever you may do...I'm leaving you with some of my favourite Halloween images today...have a marvellous weekend...see you back here on Monday, I'm off to eat lots of sweets and other Halloween fun with my Daughters - one is a ninja and the other is a kitty cat :))

Loves & Loves

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Wish Wish Wish!

Happy Tuesday my dollhearts! I hope your weekend was bliss!?! Am starting today as I did nothing all weekend (except watch non-stop movies in bed in between my daughter's drama classes)  & needed to play catch up on Monday to make up for it. The weather is still cold & wet here, so keeping busy is much needed. I've got some pretties that are on my shopping list lately, I hope you enjoy them, I shall be around to your blogs as well, have a marvellous day,

Loves & Loves

The Shopping List

1. Lazy Oaf Perfect Match Dress - I've loved this dress for a long time now & it's on sale at a serious discount, might snap it up. Perfect bold pattern & I can mix any colours I want with it.

2. Betsey Johnson Telephone Bag - Am obsessed with novelty bags and this one is just too perfect. Will be coming in stock soon :)

3. Flamingo Candles Cheesecake Crunch Candle - this has a lush mix of brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, cocoa, maple, walnut, citrus & caramel. I LOVE cheesecake & this one won't go straight to my hips & backside, haha!

4. LeVero Haters Gonna Hate Hairband - Le Vero is two designers from Tokyo, Japan. They make headbands, home items, bags and such. This is their new black 'Haters' headband. I have one in gold. (You'll see soon on the blog) I love these so much, I need to get the 'Lovers' headband as well. They ship worldwide. Their shop is so cute, a must see!

5. Irregular Choice Late Night Shoes - I adore these, the red heart shape on the top is perfection. Plus, the zigzag design with glitter is the icing on the cake. Such perfect dainty shoes. 

6. Lime Crime Unicorn Lipstick ; I'm on a lipstick trip at the moment, I want to buy lots and lots of lippies. And I want them in all kinds of crazy colours too. Lime Crime do some really amazing colours, plus, the packaging has unicorns on it, so it's perfect. 

7. Karen Mabon Eve Necklace ;  Karen is a designer from Scotland that I ventured upon a few weeks ago. She creates some really unique and quirky scarves & jewellery tinged with the unexpected.  This is the 'Eve' necklace, the world's first bad girl as it's described. The really cool scarves on her site feature skulls, dancing ladies, Glasgow scenes, sweeties & other quirky bits on them. 

8. Irregular Choice Lucky Lady Boots - I love good pair of boots in the Autumn/Wintery times and old fashioned style boots are a favourite, as soon as I seen these, I was in love. The bows, the glittery metallic material give a 'old' style boot a very modern look. They're wonderful :)