Wednesday, 28 January 2015

{Label Love} Adventure Land!

Happy days darlings!! How's the week going for you so far!?! I hope it's well :) You all know by now that I am a huge lover all things fun and quirky, it's a given!! It makes my life more fun and keeps the child in me happy!! The world is too gloomy and needs more fun :) A little while ago I was followed on Instagram by a shop called Adventure Land, I loved the name, so I quickly had a peek and saw how fun their items were & had to follow back - honestly, I saw unicorns..automatic love!
The idea for Adventure Land was created by Lo, while she was shooting a princess fairytale book. She wanted girls to keep hold of that special feeling you get from dressing up. These are affordable pieces to bring a little fairytale magic into your life & I just love them so. I bought myself the pony earrings with the tassels as their just too cute - though mind you, I have to keep them hidden from my two girls, haha! Will share them when they have pierced ears ;-) So lightweight, I barely feel as though I have them on, which is great! Superb customer service, as I was allowed to pay by paypal at no bother & they arrived quickly! This isn't a sponsored post, I just wanted to share how pleased I am! As you can see below, I have them on, soooooo love them! You'll be seeing them again in an outfit post soon & I will most definitely be shopping there again, below you can see my sure to check out Adventure Land & say hello. Have a great day darlings!

Loves & Loves

~ Adventure Land ~
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They ship worldwide, so treat yourself and enjoy!!

And here's me & my ponies!! Came in this precious shell with a sweet little unicorn friend, that I love! Sweet added details like that make me smile!

~ Dainty Doll Favourites ~

Monday, 26 January 2015

Glitter Me This, Glitter Me That!

Happy Monday my dollipops!! I do hope you enjoyed your weekend!! Part of the weekend was spent feeling unwell for me, but with some rest, I'm much better now. The weather contained itself just enough for me to snap these photos (it rained shortly after I came inside actually) in my sparkly new dress!! 
I received this dress courtesy of Black Five for review & I love it! Anything sparkly is a winner with me!! Along with a top - which you'll see later, it came in quick time & packaged very well too. It's not a flimsy dress at all, fully lined inside to able you to get the dress on without being scratched by the sequins. I had a dress like this before & hated it because it came un-lined and it scratched my skin up. The added layer actually kept me warm in this freezing weather. No sequins fell off at any time either, which is a first with a sequinned item. It's a good weight, but doesn't feel heavy on. For the price, it's a complete bargain, I'd only make it a little longer, haha! That's just because I have a bit of junk in my trunk (or Loot in the boot - UK version - talking about my backside) and I kept thinking I'd expose myself, haha! But, I love the dress & would recommend it to others, as I'm quite happy with it!! I'll share my other item received soon, I hope you love the dress, be sure to check Black Five's site out, there is so much good stuff on there!! Have a sweet day :)

Loves & Loves

{Dainty Boudoir: Glittering Sequin Dress - c/o Black Five ; Barbie Necklace - Anne Sophie Cochevelou ; Bracelets - Serena Kuhl ; Tights - Ebay ; Shoes - New Look (old) ; Tights & Hair Accessories - Ebay ; Make-up - Barry M}