Monday, 4 May 2015

Something Different...

Good day dear dolls & May the fourth be with you *wink* Do not adjust your screens, I am indeed NOT wearing a dress or skirt....I repeat, I am NOT wearing a dress or skirt!! haha!! No need to sound the alarms, I'm alright!! I know it is a rare thing to see me in something other than a dress or skirt, but it does happen & I'll try to share that more on the blog. I bought this outfit from the online vintage shop Sulking in Silk, I happened to notice it after midnight when I was about go to sleep & hoped it wouldn't be gone by the time I woke up (sounds dramatic, but it has happened to me before) It's actually a jacket & trousers, I wore it as a jumpsuit this time as it fits loose and relaxed, which is perfect for a lazy Sunday. But, it's fun and I'm just as comfortable in trousers as I am in a dress. Plus, it was super cold and I felt a lot warmer than I would have in a dress, haha! Sulking in Silk have some great vintage items in their shop & no doubt I will buy from them again as I like unique items that I can mix and match with modern stuff. And since this is a two-piece number, you'll no doubt see it again worn in a completely different way...the possibilities are endless. Just love the deep purple and the arty pattern. And to top the look off, I put on a silvery sequin bustier & my silver brogues, many of you expressed how much you liked the shoes in my last outfit post, so I included a close-up of them, so you could see them better :) I hope you have a great start to the week my sweets!!

Loves & Loves

p.s. this isn't a sponsored post, I just wanted to mention where I got this outfit, as it's a great shop. 

{Dainty Boudoir: Vintage Jacket & Trousers (worn as jumpsuit) - Sulking in Silk ; Glitter Bustier - Lashes of London ; Silver Brogues - Florence & Fred (Tesco) ; Eye Makeup/Lipstick - Barry M & Lime Crime}